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Climate Smart Commitment: 2023 Portfolio

We’re happy to present our 2023 portfolio of Climate Smart Commitment grant recipients. By supporting these nonprofit organizations with a “self-imposed carbon tax” totaling $1 million, our goal is to help make our business climate smart by creatively investing in groups that fight climate change through on-the-ground work in the developing world and government advocacy in the US.

While there are many fine organizations doing effective work to fight climate change, we chose these 13 organizations based on their proven effectiveness in: 1) helping farming communities in the developing world employ climate-smart agriculture and forestry techniques to mitigate their contribution to climate change and 2) advocating in Congress for US government policies to fight climate change.

The short summaries below provide more information about each organization and how they plan to use their Climate Smart Commitment grant. We’ve included links to their websites so that independent travelers inspired by our initiative can contribute individually. Experts say that a donation of $30 mitigates the carbon produced by one round-trip US–Europe flight.

Each year, we review and reassess our recipient list. We welcome suggestions of organizations that fit our parameters.

Our 2023 Grant Recipients

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